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Service Secondary Containment
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American Coating Technologies was contacted to provide secondary containment to a terminal that had to meet the requirement of the Department of Environmental Conservation. The horizontal tanks had containment but all the piping around the tanks and the lines leading to the truck loading did not have secondary containment.


American Coating Technologies designed a trench system along the sides of the tanks using cement blocks that ran from the back of the tank to the front and the existing lines. American Coating Technologies then inserted a Non-Woven Geotextile material into the cement block trench and sprayed it with 70 mil of Polyurea coating. The area under the transfer pipes were lined with the same Non-Woven Geotextile and sprayed with 70 mil of Polyurea Coating. The liner was attached at the bottom of the hill to existing concrete pads in order to provide a complete secondary containment system. The Department of Environmental Conservation approved the entire system.



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