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Buckeye Fuels, L.P., Pennsauken, New Jersey

Service Secondary Containment
ACT© Product Non-Woven Geotextile Liner and Seamless Polyurea Coating System
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American Coating Technologies, LLC was contacted by Buckeye Fuels in Pennsauken to examine their secondary containment.  They were transitioning their terminal’s fuel storage and the current containment would not meet New Jersey nor Federal regulations.  Their secondary containment was made of clay with 6 inches of stone, and upon testing that system, it failed to meet the current standards.  American Coating Technologies made a visit to the site and proposed the installation of our seamless polyurea liner.  Our liner system is a proprietary product which was produced at our manufacturing facility and shipped to their terminal.  We dispatched our specialized crew, and completed installation in two weeks. Our liner, including installation, cost Buckeye Fuels 70% less than a new clay containment. Our system comes with a ten-year warranty and meets the current Department of Environmental Conservation rules for secondary containment. 



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