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Thrifty Oil, A Division of Noco Corporation


Secondary Containment


Thrifty Oil

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Seamless Polyurea Liner and Custom Formulated a Primer

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The Noco Corporation, which own many terminals as well as many retail gas stations, purchased Thrifty Oil. Noco Corporation inspected this terminal with the Department of Environmental Conservation and determined that this area did not meet the requirements for secondary containment.

American Coating Technologies was contacted and after inspection of the area, determined that not only was the containment damaged but the walls and the concrete supports had significant damage.


American Coating Technologies machined the damaged concrete supports, and damaged concrete walls that had to be removed. All of the concrete areas were then coated with a custom formulated epoxy primer. Then American Coating Technologies sprayed their polyurea coatings to the concrete and attached a Non-Woven Geotextile mat. The Geotextile was then sprayed with 70 mil of polyurea so there would no longer have concrete erosion.

The floor area was then covered with the Non-Woven Geotextile and attached to the walls and the concrete supports. The entire floor area was then sprayed with 70 mil of polyurea and a non-slip aggregate was broadcast-in for safety.

The secondary containment was then inspected by the Department of Environmental Conservation and approved to meet the new requirements for secondary containment.


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