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Kinder Morgan, Carteret, NJ


Secondary Containment


Kinder Morgan

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Seamless Polyurea Liner and Custom Formulated a Primer

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American Coating Technologies was contacted to install secondary containment to Kinder Morgan’s train track and rail delivery area in Carteret, NJ. The project had to be done in January with one of the coldest winters with temp falling below 0° many days. The liner system had to be installed between the rail tracks. The liner also had to be attached to the outside of each rail and to green concrete on one side and new blacktop on the other.


American Coating Technologies custom formulated a primer that would bond to steel, green concrete, and new blacktop at temperature as low as 0° degrees.

In order to complete the application with weather conditions American Coating Technologies had to pre-heat the substrates, then sand blast and prime all areas. American coating Technologies then used a pre sprayed liner (with 70 mil of custom formulated polyurea) and attached it all areas.

American Coating Technologies provided tenting and worked thru the night to have the project completed on time. The customer was very satisfied with the project.


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