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Kinder Morgan


Secondary Containment


Kinder Morgan

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Seamless Polyurea Liner System over High-Density Polyethylene

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Kinder Morgan’s petroleum storage area required secondary containment and High-density Polyethylene was selected. High-density Polyethylene was installed in many areas. The problem was that these areas require access with many types of heavy equipment. High-density polyethylene can be easily destroyed and will no longer provide secondary containment.

American Coating Technologies LLC was contacted to provide a solution to this problem, recommending a polyurea liner system that would cover the High-Density Polyethylene and protect it from damage of heavy equipment.


American Coating Technologies heat-treated and abraded the polyethylene and then primed it with a custom formulated primer. Then installed American Coating Technologies’ pre-sprayed polyurea liner system. This system uses a treated synthetic liner material which is applied at 70 mill of a custom formulated polyurea product. The liner was then attached to the existing High-density Polyethylene. This system provided a durable surface to drive heavy equipment over with out any damage to the High-density Polyethylene and maintaining a complete secondary containment system.


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