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Bottini Fuel

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Non-Woven Geotextile Liner and Seamless Polyurea Coating System

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Bottini Fuels in Port Jarvis, New York purchased the depicted terminal, after in an inspection, the terminal was found not to have enough capacity to contain a major spill requirement. The containment area needed to be enlarged to meet capacity requirements, additionally the unloading area needed to be changed so it would drain into the containment area.


American Coating Technologies LLC was contacted to design and install a drainage system from the unloading area to the containment and to enlarge the containment capacity area.

American Coating Technologies worked with the local engineer and agreed on the cost effect system that would meet all the new requirements.

The containment’s end wall was cut out and extended to enlarge the capacity and new concrete was poured in the unloading area that would now drain into the containment. A 16 oz. Non-woven Geotextile was installed on the floor. The containment wall area and sprayed with American Coating Technologies’ custom formulated Polyurea at the thickness of 70 mil.

The 16 oz. Non-Woven Geotextile was install on the floor and wall of the containment area and sprayed with a custom formulated Polyurea and the rate of 70 mil.

The project was inspected by the Department of Environmental Conservation and approved for secondary containment of petroleum products.


American Coating Technologies

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