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Non-Woven Geotextile Liner and Seamless Polyurea Coating System

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American Coating Technologies LLC received a call from the Buckeye terminal on a Friday morning. The terminal manager explained they have a secondary containment at the terminal that was inspected by Department of Environmental Conservation and they indicated that it did not meet the current standard.

A representative of American Coating Technologies went directly to the terminal, and inspected the secondary containment. We contacted the terminal and supplied a proposal. A decision was made that day to use our services. Our installation crews arrived on Monday.

This terminal had a clay base that did not seal tight to the tank, piping, stairs and the drain. This is the biggest problem with these old containments. The clay was covered by 6 to 8 inches of stone and in order to repair this liner all of the stone and clay needed to be removed at a COST of $100 per square foot. The estimated repair area was 100 square feet, but again it was not possible to determine the extent of the damage until repairs start and there was no warranty. 


American Coating Technologies installed a poly urea seamless liner system over the entire secondary containment area (15,000 sq. ft.) in five days at a cost of $3.78 per square foot. This system came with a complete 10-year warranty for both the liner material and all the labor required for any repair.

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