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Kinder Morgan CTR, New Jersey


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Kinder Morgan - Carteret

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Non-Woven Geotextile Liner and Seamless Polyurea Coating System

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Kinder Morgan has chosen to utilize the unique polyurea liner system manufactured by American Coating Technologies. We spray a 16 ounce nonwoven geosynthetic textile with a nominal 65 mils of polyurea resulting in a nonpermeable, flexible liner so strong it withstands vehicular traffic with ease.  In this installation we dug an anchor trench on top of the stone and earthen berm to bury the leading edge of the liner to prevent wind uplift and backfilled the trench for a secure anchor point.  We overlapped the pre-sprayed liner sheets and seamed the edges together by spraying several layers of polyurea. This actually makes the seam approximately 2.5 times stronger than the surrounding liner. As we contour the edges to mate up with the tank chime, we prep the curve with a proprietary epoxy allowing for the strongest bond possible between liner and chime. Our unique process creates a monolithic liner system which comes with a ten year warranty.

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