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West Virginia Parkways Authority, WV (Southbound)


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West Viriginia Parkways Authority

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American Coating Technologies was contacted by the general contractor responsible for the building of a new bridge in Ghent, West Virginia to waterproof the concrete bridge deck. This project only allowed 6 hours to complete the surface preparation, apply our primer, and apply two coats of polyurea to the bridge deck.

We began by preparing the newly poured concrete to accept our coating system. We used a Blastrac machine which removed the upper surface of the concrete and provided an anchor profile. We then applied our primer material, at the rate of 10 dry mils., to the entire bridge deck.

Once our primer cured we applied BRIDGE TECH MC polyurea, at a rate of 80 dry mils. This is a high strength elastomeric product which is DOT approved in many States.

Our final application applied BRIDGE TECH TC polyurea at rate of 40 dry mils. We finished by distributing a refusal aggregate which provided a larger surface area for the asphalt road surface.

We successfully completed the entire American Coating Technologies bridge tech system in 5 hours. Within an hour of completion, the contractor applied six inches of asphalt directly onto our coating system. The bridge was opened for traffic the next day. Here are the pictures from the southbound lane.

West Virginia Parkways Authority After 1 West Virginia Parkways Authority During
West Virginia Parkways Authority After 2


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