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Tank Coating & Lining 

Interior Coating for Petroleum Tanks

American Coating Technology uses the American Petroleum Institute Standard 652 for the lining of above ground petroleum storage tanks.

During our inspection of your tank, we will determine the extent of repairs necessary to meet the API 652 standard. We will then decide on the best blast cleaning system for surface preparation to match the requirements. We will determine abrasive particles and technique necessary to remove mill scale, rust, corrosion, and previously applied coating in order to achieve an SSPC-SP10 near white metal blast with a 2 to 3 mil profile.

Interior Tank Coating  Interior Tank Lining  Tank Coating Project

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Exterior Coating for Petroleum Tanks and Pipes

American Coating Technologies system for lining tanks and piping eliminates sand blasting, the cleanup of blast media, and provides the longest lasting finish available today.

Our Coating Process 

American Coating Technologies products are dry-fall, solvent-borne coatings that are sprayed/applied without over spray. The tank is first water blasted with 3,500 pressure units to remove loose coating and dirt builds up.

Next, we apply a surface tolerant dry-fall primer at the rate of 4 to 7 mil thick. This primer provides excellent corrosion protection. Our topcoat is an aliphatic urethane with a mold inhibitor, which provides an automobile type finish with UV protection even when exposed to a variety of harsh chemicals. Our product will not chalk and will provide years of protection.

The American Coating Technologies system is 4 times faster than the old style bush and roll, it will last 3 times longer, resist mold growth, and it will look better. Plus you will save time, which in our business translates directly to money!

Exterior Tank Coating Exterior Tank Lining Exterior Tank Coating Project

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American Coating Technologies

American Coating Technologies