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Secondary Containment


Buckeye Partners, L.P.

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Non-Woven Geotextile Liner and Seamless Polyurea Coating System

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American Coating Technologies was contacted by the Project Manager at the Buckeye Terminal in Port Reading, New Jersey in order to review the engineering specifications for the installation of a secondary containment liner system. The engineering firm had specified the use of poly urea for the most difficult areas of the project. The existing clay liners were not acceptable and did not meet the Department of Environmental Conservation rules for secondary containment of petroleum products.

The first area we were asked to rehabilitate was the pipe line trench containment. This aspect of the project was the most difficult due to the numerous pipe supports, concrete pillars, and small spaces below the pipe. We machined the concrete and steel supports, applied our primer, sprayed poly urea, and then attached the liner. We merged our liner with the existing clay liner to provide maximum protection. American Coating Technologies specializes in areas such as this, allowing us to install the liner quickly and efficiently, which directly translates to savings for the customer.

The second area we were asked to modernize required the application of our liner over concrete. We machined the concrete, the curbs, and the concrete pads which support the tank.  We applied our primer and attached our liner system.

American Coating Technologies Seamless Liner System has many advantages over our competitors.

  • Speed of Application
  • Cost Savings (A third of the cost of clay)
  • Complete Reliability when compared to using a clay liner.
  • Ten-year Warranty


American Coating Technologies

American Coating Technologies