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Kent County Waste Water Facility, Milford, DE


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Kent County Waste Water Facility

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Geotextile Liner and Polyurea Liner 


American Coating Technologies was contacted to make a site visit at the Kent County Waste Water facility in Milford, Delaware. The public works facility is responsible for waste treatment of all Sussex county. This is the state’s largest treatment plant, with the capacity to process 20 million gallons of waste water per day.

The liner system that we encountered was comprised of a clay base, a layer of geotextile, and a geogrid which was then covered by a 50 mil layer of Seaman XR 5 membrane. Their system was in total failure because the liner tore causing the waste to accumulate and decompose under it, resulting in methane gases. These gases forced the Seaman product to elevate to the surface of the waste water. 

Once the old liner was removed it was determined that the waste material had soaked through the stone and into the clay and soil. The entire floor area (125,000 square feet, 16 inches deep) had to be excavated and then replaced. Finally, truckloads of lime had to be placed on top to neutralize the PH of the soil.

American Coating Technologies designed a gas mitigating system which was placed on the containment to remove any gases. Our system used a venting grid which then connected to 32 three inch pipes which were placed up the walls. These pipes vented out at the top of the containment walls. The American Coating Technologies gas venting system eliminated the possibility of any gases remaining under the liner. Once in place, we covered the venting system with a layer of geotextile. We then installed our pre-manufactured polyurea liner on top of the floor and attached the liner to the top of the concrete containment wall. Our system has a ten-year warranty and will provide a secure tank liner that will allow for an uninterrupted process of waste water.

Kent County Waste Water Facility - Before 2
Kent County Waste Water Facility - After 1 Kent County Waste Water Facility - After 2


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