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During our inspection of the tank in Big flats, we determined the extent of repairs necessary to meet the API 652 standard. We decided on the best blast cleaning system for surface preparation to match our diagnosis. We determined abrasive particles and the technique necessary to remove mill scale, rust, corrosion, and previously applied coating in order to achieve an SSPC-SP10 near white metal blast with a 2 to 3 mil profile.

American Coating Technologies controlled the relative humidity during the blasting cycle and will applied a holding primer.

We applied the first coat of our phenolic flexible epoxy coating at the rate of 10 to 12 mil thick. We allowed the coating to cure for a period of 24 hours and then applied a second coat of our epoxy at the rate of 10 to 12 mil thick for a minimum of 20 mil thick.

We subjected the entire area to a Discontinuity (Holiday) Test using 25,000-volt test equipment.

We guarantee our system for a period of five years for use of tank protection from crude oil, refined petroleum, unleaded gasoline, MTBE, aromatic solvents, and most octane boosted blending fuel stocks.

American Coating Technologies

American Coating Technologies